Nutrimom App Case Study

UX design for a mobile app and client-side desktop app.

Nutrimom was a mobile app focusing on prenatal and newborn nutrition for pregnant and nursing mothers. It paired nutrition coaches with women to help them maintain a healthy diet through the child’s “4th trimester.”

I worked on both the customer facing mobile app and the coaching desktop app, building out the user experience for the customer and the coach.

Roles included wireframes, user flows, UI design, visual design and prototyping.

Client: Nutrimom          Agency: Loxley Digital
wireframes for ux design

Case Study: Scheduling a call

The Problem Opportunity

During new user onboarding, the most important step is to connect with a coach. This initial interaction is paramount to the success or failure of the experience, and is initiated by the coach. It sets the tone and must meet or exceed user expectations.

High level goals
  1. Make it seamless
  2. Make it intuitive
  3. Make it easy to change


Step 1: The coach adds a schedule request via the desktop app

The coaches send a request via their desktop app. In this instance they’ve previously input their availability, so the mom will only see available times when they open up their calendar.

Alternatively the coach is able to add a specific time and send a request to the mom.

  • Coach opens schedule window by clicking “Edit Schedule” or the Add button
  • Coach inputs date/time (If necessary) and clicks “Add to Chat.”
ux user flow nutrimom mobile desktop app
Step 2: Mom opens scheduler in app
  • Mom gets an alert in her activity feed, or within chat.
  • Mom clicks the “Schedule a call” button.
Step 3: Mom chooses a time and confirms
  • Mom schedules a time using the Scheduler.
  • Mom gets a confirmation and the ability to reschedule
ux user flow nutrimom mobile desktop app
Step 4: Coach is notified and confirms time
  • Coach is notified via her activity feed and confirms.
ux user flow nutrimom mobile desktop app