Ebay product pages


I was tasked with overhauling a 3rd party design of TireBuyer.com’s Ebay product pages. The new design needed to be responsive (the old one wasn’t), it needed to be on brand, and most importantly, it needed to be easily scannable so customers could get the information they were looking for.

I both designed and coded the final product, working with and around the 3rd party’s existing style sheets. These new product pages have helped TireBuyer’s Ebay channel become 20% of all sales.

Old product list page

Old ebay page


1. The most important part of the header was the contact info, and yet no one knew it was there.

2. The search bar was a clumsily coded mishmash of positioned images.

3. There were upper and lower navigation menus, which were confusing and redundant.

4. Lots of relevant information was hidden behind tabs. It needed to be visible and easily scannable.

New product list page



1. I re-designed the search bar, removing unnecessary elements and images and recoded it using CSS.
Research said that a larger, more visible phone number would be a major sales converter, so I turned the “Call us” feature from an afterthought to a front and center call to action.

I combined and consolidated the upper and lower navigation menus, making them less confusing and easier to scan.


2. A big feature request was the review section, a major sales component and also one of the first of it’s kind for tire product pages. The component section is dynamic, and designed to show anywhere from 0 to 7 reviews, based on project specs.

As has been widely studied, the more reviews you have, the more comfortable customers will be purchasing from you. 


3. We wanted all the information currently hidden behind tabs to be visible, and easily scannable. I designed modules that could quickly be arranged in any possible combination, or added and removed depending on the page.

Since much of the data was dynamic and specific to individual products, the informational sections needed to be flexible. They are also responsive.